Fish are coming in – Leaderboard!

Devon Spooner, SSM with 6.16lb lake trout from Wawa Lake.

Mar 4, 2017 @ 12:36

The Wawa Ice Fishing Derby is underway. Fishing began on Wawa Lake, Hawk Lake and Manitowik Lake.

This year offers a new prize schedule, there are 18 major prizes (six identical prizes for each of the three fishing lakes, Wawa, Hawk & Manitowik). A successful angler who wins a major prize will be awarded only one of the eighteen major prizes. If there is more than one fish of the same weight eligible for a major prize, then the date and time that the earlier fish was tagged in at the Check-In Station will determine the winner.

Fish started coming in already, Devon Spooner is at the time this was written with a 6.16lb lake trout. Whitefish anglers from the Sault, are at the top of the board for Hawk Lake with two walleyes.

Everyone is invited down to the arena to check the fish coming in, grab your ticket for the Wawa Firefighter’s Cash Draw – you could win some cold cash this weekend! This evening features a dance with live music.

Current Standings:


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