Wynne Liberals 11th Hour Electricity Scheme a Shell Game that will cost $14 billion

Mar 2, 2017 @ 20:36

Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown blasted the new Wynne Liberal scheme devised to lower electricity bills by burdening Ontarians with $14 billion in new interest payments over 30 years.

“The Wynne Liberals came clean today and admitted their $14 billion mistake and that their policies and their policies alone are responsible for the 400% increase in hydro. Whether you pay today or pay tomorrow this Liberal plan will burden Ontario ratepayers for years to come,” said Brown.

The Liberal plan signed on to borrow $14 billion in interest payments alone.

“I have no doubt, given another chance, the Liberals will raise rates and taxes again. After 14 years of skyrocketing rates the Liberals – just a year out from an election – realize the damage their policies have had.”

The Ontario PCs are the only party that will stop the fire sale of Hydro One, prevent more pay hikes to energy executives, and stop signing more expensive wind and solar contracts by repealing the Green Energy Act – otherwise known as the Bad Contracts Act.

“Tomorrow this government is moving forward with more bad green energy contracts at a huge cost. These are contracts that are the root of the problem. This is more energy generation we don’t need,” added Brown. “Instead of addressing the roots of the problem by cancelling the Green Energy Act, the Wynne Liberals are signing even more expensive contracts. This is absurd.”

Many of the contracts signed to date were handed out to well-known Liberal donors. In fact, 30 of these companies handed over $1.3 million to the Liberal party coffers.

Brown announced that a detailed Ontario PC plan, to be announced soon, will reveal additional measures to provide widespread hydro relief and prevent rate hikes in the future.

“Every single time the Liberals have touched our electricity system over the past 14 years, they’ve made it worse,” added Brown.

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