Going to the Sault in the Winter – Sometimes there is beauty between the snow squalls


The thought of travelling to the Sault in the wintertime is something that Wawaites dread. Between the snow squalls, plows and sanders trying to keep up with the snow, road closures that last from hours to days upon end… travel can be difficult at the least.

There is beauty even if the sun doesn’t come out. The dramatic skies that are generated by weather fronts off Lake Superior, the wind-sculpted white pines on top of the rock cuts, make one understand just what the Group of Seven saw here.



However, when that sun comes out… It just makes everything stunning. I wish as a photographer there would be more spots to pull over and enjoy the views. Not anything developed, just a pull off with a picnic table, garbage can. Something easy that the plows can swoop in and clear with ease. Just a spot to enjoy the beauty in a place of safety.


This photo is at Katherine Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park. We parked across the highway and I dashed across to grab this shot and the one below.