Elections 2017 at Michipicoten First Nation

This year is an election year for Michipicoten First Nation.

There are six (6) Councillor positions and one (1) position for Chief available. The Election will be held at the Community Centre on Saturday, the 11th day of March 2017.

any voter may vote by mail in ballot. If you will not be available to vote in person on the Polling Day, you may make arrangements with the Electoral Officer Vaughn Johnston to receive a mail in ballot.

A ‘Meet the Candidates’ night will be held on February 18th, 2017 in the MFN Band Hall at 7 p.m. Candidates running for Council will have 5 minutes to speak, Candidates running for Chief will have 10 minutes to speak. The event will be live broadcasted at http://ustre.am/1ymaK and recorded for later viewing.

Candidates for Chief:

  • BUCKELL, Joseph
  • LEWIS, Ernie
  • STONE, Evelyn
  • TANGIE, Patricia (Pat)

Candidates for Councillor”

  • ANDRE, Ivan
  • ANDRE-STONE, Verna S.
  • BLACK, Daniel
  • CHAPMAN, Wanita
  • CHALYKOFF, John-Paul
  • CHURCHILL, Denise
  • DAY, Sandra W.
  • EDGAR, Chad
  • HUMPHRIES, Donnie
  • LEROUX, Leona Lee
  • LEWIS, Christopher Laverne
  • LEWIS, Gerald (Jerry)
  • LEWIS, Marcel
  • PETERSON, Linda
  • ROBINSON, David
  • ROBINSON, (Rosalie) Verlyn
  • SIMON, Christopher
  • STONE, Evelyn
  • STONE, Melanie
  • STONE, Robert
  • SWANSON, Myrtle
  • SWANSON, William Sr. (Bill)
  • SWANSON, William Jr.
  • TANGIE, Patricia (Pat)