Possibility of Flouride Plebiscite? Presentation on Oral Health at Tonight’s Council Meeting

The addition of Flouride to community drinking water is a contentious issue throughout the world. The debate is fierce with proponents and opponents quoting their “experts” on the issue.  Wawa has been adding flouride to it’s municipal water supply for a number of years.

At the Corporate Planning Committee Meeting of May 14th, Ccouncillor Holly Smith explained that in the KPMG report fluoridation was identified as a possible place to reduce costs.

Councillor Rody has approached people at Algoma Public Health for a presentation on fluoridation tonight, June 4th. An Overview of Oral Health in Algoma – Strategies for Oral Health in Algoma will be presented by Hannele Dionisi, Public Health Program Director and Oral Health Manager (APH); and Dr. Peter Wiebe, Public Health Consultant.

In order to begin fluoridation a plebiscite is required. However to take it out, either a plebiscite or resolution from Council is required. As part of the KPMG report, the cost of adding flouride to the water supply was tagged as a potential savings in the Municipal Budget of $3,000. If implemented, this would be the second cost-savings item from the KPMG report to be utilized. The first was a reduction in Council per diem (what a Mayor/Councillor is paid in lieu for extended periods of time away from work/business/family).

The presentation that will be shown to Council is viewable below.

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