In Memory – J.P. Letourneau

May 29, 2007
One year already, you went to a better place where you have no more pain.
I face an empty chair, but sometimes in the silence, I imagine you there.
My companion for so many years, no longer here with me,
any yet in some mysterious way, you keep me company.
Often I turn towards the couch to say something to you,
Just to realize it is empty.
I have a digital frame on my desk, with many pictures of you,
I laugh, I cry, I get mad with you.
You have spoiled our little dog so bad,
When she starts to whine nonstop,
I tell you if you were going to spoil her this much, you could have stayed here with her and me.
You know they say memories are golden,
Maybe that is true,
But I never wanted just memories of you, I only wanted you.
You were a loving husband and father, grandfather and uncle.
You neve said goodbye to me, maybe it was best that way,
because I wouldn’t have been able to say goodbye, and you knew that.
Still very missed and loved.
Love, your wife

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