Pathways – The Mischievous Committee

Have you a mischievous committee chattering away within your head? This committee consists

of many members trying to make themselves heard. Some members want to grow and change
and tackle new and interesting challenges. Others want to maintain the status quo, still others
offer all the reasons why something just won’t work, or why the time isn’t right. Sound familiar?
Pardon me while I make this personal analogy with our democratic world of business.

Take this early morning reverie. I awoke to the sound of rain falling on the roof top. I wanted to
jump out of bed, get dressed and head out for a nice long walk. I imagined feeling the rain on my
face and the wind ruffling through my hair. I imagined the sound of raindrops pelting the
sodden ground, and inhaling the perfume of an earthy spring ready to burst forth. I wanted to
feel my body adjust and respond to the infusion of fresh air and exercise.

Now!! This renegade little committee immediately went into session. It chattered away,
disorganized, and not really listening to the Boss (the Chair). “You haven’t practiced your Yoga
yet! Guess I’d better do that! Oh, I’d rather just go for a walk”…”You really don’t want to get
wet, do you? A little rain won’t hurt you. But, I don’t have a rain suit! And to top it off, people
might think I’m crazy walking in the rain at 6:00 in the morning.”… “You have work to do, lots
of work. I’ll do that after I have my breakfast.”… “Maybe I’ll just make a cup of tea and sit and
read instead.”

I chuckle as I share this morning’s lighthearted story about my mischievous little committee. So
what did I do? I allowed the organized, industrious side of me to prevail. I did some word
processing, went and took a couple of photos, made a couple of phone calls, and temporarily
satisfied myself that I could go for a long walk later in the day. In other words my mischievous
little committee was successful in diverting me from the enjoyment I would have gotten had I
listened to my Boss.

I sure do hope you’re all laughing, and not wondering if I’ve developed some new form of
mental dis-ease. Do you ever get derailed by your mischievous little committee? Is there
something you really want to do that will make you feel good about yourself? Is it a change from
your usual schedule? Is your Boss strong enough to derail the chatter, or is it just a good day to
let the chatter rule. Slows down your progress somewhat, but that is okay. The Boss always gives
us a choice.

I believe we are programmed to follow a certain path. Must do this, gotta do that! Then when an
opportunity comes for enjoyment and change we allow ourselves to get caught up in internal
dialogue that throws a wrench into good works. It usually happens to me when I allow myself to
get overtired, or discouraged about something that’s happening – or not happening – in my life.
The nature of my ‘labor of love’ means I have to take time for Joan. I have to allow the creative
side of me to burst forth. To do this I need to experience downtime and to experience different

Let me share some of the ways I try to nourish my soul and calm the chatter. I love long walks or
hikes, preferably in a wilderness surrounding. Have you ever tried a long hot bath with Epsom
salts and baking soda (ยด – 1 cup of each) with a dash of Lavender essence thrown in? Sometimes
a lavender scented candle adds the extra oomph? Heavenly!! I love to read – books, magazines
and newspapers. And I often long for time to write in my ‘Spirit’ journal when there are no time
constraints. Writing is an excellent catharsis for me.

It’s during these times that I marvel at the precious life I’ve been given. It’s these times I really
listen to the Still Small Voice within. It’s these time I allow myself to fill up with gratitude and
thanksgiving and just enjoy the uniqueness of me. Isn’t Live Wonderful? ’til next time….this is
Joan. Take the time to enjoy life’s little moments.

Joan Brooks makes her home in Wawa, Ontario. Comments are always welcome and can be made through email:
[email protected], telephone 856-0652 or by writing to Box 682, Wawa, On P0S 1K0