Chi Mino Ozhitoowin and Confederation College Announce Training Partnership for Waasigan Transmission Line Projec

Confederation College and Chi Mino Ozhitoowin signed a new agreement on Monday, May 13, launching a collaborative venture which will offer specialized training programs through the college. The partnership will position members of the area Anishinaabe communities to fill construction jobs and direct involvement in the Waasigan Transmission Line project. The ceremony, held in the college’s boardroom, underscores a shared commitment to leveraging local talent and fostering employment opportunities in the region.

Confederation College will deliver targeted training programs to Chi Mino Ozhitoowin and the communities of Lac Seul, Lac La Croix, Nigigoonsiminikaaning, Ojibway Nation of Saugeen, Eagle Lake, Fort William, and Seine River. The partnership hopes to foster employment opportunities through the development of skilled labour in conjunction with the Waasigan Line.

Chi Mino Ozhitoowin, subcontracted by Valard Construction, is at the forefront of the project. Valard has been selected by Hydro One Networks Inc. with the engineering, procurement and construction of the transmission line stretching from Thunder Bay to Atikokan to Dryden. The line is expected to add an impressive 350 megawatts of power to the region, catering to the needs of approximately 11 new average mining operations.

Peter Collins, CEO of Chi Mino Ozhitoowin, expressed his enthusiasm for the agreement, stating, “Our partnership with Confederation College is more than just a contract; it’s a significant step towards economic development and sustainability for the communities in our region,” Collins said. “With around 200 positions to be filled, the benefits will be immense not only for us but also for the municipalities the line will cross. This agreement is about building a strong foundation for future growth, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and friendship.”

Echoing this sentiment, Carol Cline, Dean of Workforce Development at Confederation College, highlighted the college’s commitment to this innovative partnership. “Our collaboration with Chi Mino Ozhitoowin is a prime example of how education, communities, and industry can come together to create meaningful opportunities for community development and growth. By focusing on tailored training programs for the future workers building the line, we’re helping to ensure individuals can be trained within their communities, and take advantage of the great job opportunities the project will offer.

Chi Mino Ozhitoowin LP, a 100% First Nation-owned for-profit organization headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, operates with a strategic focus on construction and staffing services, particularly for the Waasigan Transmission Line Project, ensuring that the Anishinaabe communities it represents are integral to the project’s success while respecting traditional ways of life.

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