École Saint Nom de Jésus (Hornepayne) Enjoys Theme Days

A day at the beach in January, why not! It looks like the students and staff at École Saint Nom de Jésus (Hornepayne) are already looking forward to summer. What a great turnout for the beach theme day!


Active participation in theme days at École Saint Nom de Jésus enriches the students’ educational experience. These special events encourage fun learning, stimulate creativity and strengthen the sense of belonging to the school community.


Through their participation in theme days, École Saint Nom de Jésus students develop social skills, learn to work in teams and discover new passions. These special opportunities, whether cultural, scientific or artistic, broaden their horizons and promote a holistic approach to education. In this way, active participation in these special days at primary schools helps to create positive memories and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.


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