Jagmeet Singh commits to fight for the 400 workers of AV Terrace Bay Mill

On Friday, Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh – accompanied by Yuk-Sem Won, NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River—committed to fight for the federal government to support the 400 workers of AV Terrace Bay Mill after meeting with leaders of the United Steelworkers Local 665.

“The closure of the mill has catastrophic impacts for the 400 workers who were laid off, their families, and the town’s small businesses and other workers. The whole community is affected,” said Singh. “Where is the local Liberal MP when workers need support? Missing in action! Trudeau’s government has a responsibility to work with the province and the municipality and get the company at the table with the workers to reopen the mill and to support workers that are impacted.

“When times get tough, people see that Pierre Poilievre isn’t who he says he is—he’s not in it to help workers in their time of need but quick to protect the interests of the rich and powerful. Canadians deserve better.”

The lack of indication regarding if or when the Terrace Bay pulp mill will reopen is causing panic and uncertainty for the workers and their families. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP committed to put pressure on the federal government and use its power to find a solution for the mill and create job opportunities in the region. The NDP also committed to put pressure on the government to ensure workers impacted are covered by employment insurance, even if it means using special provision, and continue to fight for Employment Insurance reforms so help is there for workers when they need it.

“Many workers are extremely worried right now. They don’t know where they will find another job and they don’t want to have to move or travel for hours to get work outside their community,” said Won. “While other parties are often taking the side of big corporations and CEOs, the NDP always has workers’ backs, especially in tough times like this one. Workers of the United Steelworkers Local 665 and all workers of the region can count on the NDP to always fight for them.”

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