St. Augustine French Immersion Bring the National Archery in School Program to Wawa!


On Tuesday, November 7th, five staff members from St. Augustine French Immersion Catholic School participated in a fantastic training session with Tim Watts, National Archery in School Program (NASP) Coordinator with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

Staff have been working on bringing the program back to the north for over three years. This year, the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board helped make it happen! “NASP is the perfect sport to bring to a school. Archery does not care if you are tall or short, left-handed or right-handed, young or old, athletic or not, every student can shoot a bow and arrow! Not only is archery one of the most inclusive sports out there, but NASP also teaches mathematics, honesty, discipline, and attention. Things that educators look for when introducing something new to their students.” explained Watts.

The equipment investment was made possible by the generous support of the Rotary
Club of Wawa and the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board’s support through the Indigenous Board Action Plan. Classes have already begun the archery program in their physical education classes and are enjoying every second of it! We anticipate our students will be participating in provincial competitions by Spring 2024!

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