With a Northern Ontario food bank running out of food, NDP forces grocery CEOs back to committee be held to account

Last week, New Democrats passed a motion to force Canada’s big grocery CEOs to come back to testify regarding sky-high food prices. This comes after the Liberal Industry Minister’s abysmal failure to bring down food prices for Canadians. The Liberals’ out-of-touch approach to politely ask grocery CEOs to ‘stabilize’ prices that are already sky-high isn’t working — and Canadians need real action and accountability now.

The soaring food prices have caused food banks in Northern Ontario, like the Sudbury Food Bank, to almost run out of food.

“The Liberals have just dropped the ball on making life more affordable for Canadians, they’ve failed to take any action on lowering grocery prices,” said NDP MP Carol Hughes (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing). “Crossing your fingers and hoping that grocery CEOs will reduce prices won’t work. This Liberal government has shown time and time again how out of touch it is and only delays and disappoints.”

The NDP’s motion calls grocery CEOs, including former Loblaw CEO Galen Weston, to return to the Agriculture and Agri-Food committee to answer questions about why food prices continue to be sky-high. While Canadians are making impossible choices to get by, the Liberals have done very little to hold CEOs accountable for their greed that is driving food prices up.

New Democrats have been demanding action for months. In March 2022, when Jagmeet forced the Liberals and Conservatives to vote on making big grocery companies like Loblaws to pay what they owe, they teamed up to stop it. But the NDP continued to push the issue, and on October 5, 2022, New Democrats called for a study at the agriculture committee to investigate inflation on the food supply chain and the cost of groceries. Months later, on February 13, New Democrats had the study broadened to summon CEOs from Loblaws, Metro, and Empire Company and on March 8, 2023, they finally appeared.

“People are exhausted, they feel let down and Northern Ontario foodbanks are running out of food. Paycheques should be able to keep up with the cost of groceries, gas and bills,” said NDP MP Charlie Angus (Timmins – James Bay). “Where are the Liberals? They have to be dragged kicking and screaming to take any action that helps people. And Poilievre? He’s eager to help the ultra-rich at any chance he can get. The NDP wants to fight for all Canadians, and we’re doing just that – by holding ultra-rich CEOs to account and introducing plans to bring down food prices.”

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