The NWMO Announces New Director, Site Selection Ignace/Northwest

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is pleased to announce our new Director, Site Selection Ignace/Northwest, Joanne Jacyk. Joanne will play a critical role in ensuring that we continue to develop lasting relationships with the communities of Wabigoon Lake Ojibway Nation and Ignace and surrounding communities. A major area of focus will be ensuring potential host communities have all the information they need to decide if they are willing to have a deep geological repository located in their area to safely store and isolate Canada’s used nuclear fuel over the long term.


Joanne is formerly Manager of the NWMO’s Environment Program. The experience and knowledge she gained through her previous work in both siting areas will be invaluable to her in her new role. Joanne is known for her strong abilities to collaborate with communities on participatory and co-designed programs, an innovative approach to building programs in a way that directly involves community residents.


“Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of Canada’s used nuclear fuel is an important national environmental infrastructure project and there are still some members of the community that have questions. In my new role, I hope to work with the communities to address their questions,” said Joanne. “I look forward to partnering with my colleague, Joe Heil, the Director of Indigenous Engagement to work together to ensure residents in the siting communities have the information and support they need to make an informed decision as we approach the site selection decision in 2024.”


Joanne’s involvement in leading the Participatory Environmental Baseline Program and her efforts to build community input into the program, in true co-creation spirit, demonstrated her passion for engaging with the community and bridging technical work with local knowledge to build better programs and processes. She has also been highlighted as one of our Water Stewards as she has a strong commitment to water protection in her professional and personal life.


As the NWMO works towards selecting a site to host the deep geological repository in 2024, Joanne’s experience and insight will be an invaluable asset to the organization.

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