Kilotile removes Cry To Me from all digital music stores

Canadian DJ/producer Kilotile removes Cry To Me from all digital music stores to stick with the record contract with Polydor. A delay on the release date of Empower has been issued as well so it is expected in 2023. In a recent post on his social media, Kilotile stated: “Hey everyone, so, I have unfortunate news. In order for me to stay in the record label I’m in, I had to takedown Cry To Me from all the albums that included the songs on all streaming platforms (including TikTok and Snapchat). The song will still remain on YouTube.
The newly released version of Cry To Me will stay on streaming platforms.” Kilotile also mentioned in the post that two of his albums that included Cry To Me had to be fully taken down too. “As a result, my albums “Kilotile” and “Unite” will be removed.
The single “Let Me Love You” will be taken down as well, and the upcoming album “Empower” will be delayed to 2023. Really sorry for the inconvenience. It was a hard decision to make.”
In another post on Kilotile’s YouTube Channel, he stated the main reason why it was removed. And the reason is not because of copyright.”, explaining “I was told by the record label I signed a contract with to remove Cry To Me on streaming platforms so the newer version can gain popularity. I know it sounds really weird, but it was a hard decision. I didn’t want to remove it but I didn’t have a choice, but I promise you, I will re-release my debut album in a few months and the version of Cry To Me that you all liked so much will be back on once everything goes back to normal!”
Kilotile will be performing at Northern Vibe Festival in Bruce Mines, Ontario, Canada on August 26th at 5 p.m. He will be opening the festival and is planning to premiere new tracks in his set.
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