A constructive citizens meeting between citizens and representatives of Wawa OSB Inc.

Front page of the new website (wawaosb).

The management of Wawa OSB Inc. welcomed the residents of Wawa during a first citizen meeting. The objective of this information session was to establish a dialogue and answer questions from citizens and neighbouring communities.

Wawa OSB Inc. is working to reopen the OSB manufacturing plant in the fall of 2023. The reopening of the plant represents an investment of more than $190,000,000 and will create more than 140 direct jobs.

Wawa OSB inc. management wanted to reiterate the importance of engaging in transparent communication in order to build sincere and lasting relationships with host communities.

“It was a great opportunity for us to meet and discuss with the citizens and communities who are at the heart of the project. We are pleased to have been able to reveal the main steps in the relaunch of the plant, share the entrepreneurial story of the Cossette family, present job opportunities, identify the concerns of citizens and answer their questions,” said Yolaine Rousseau, Executive Vice President of Wawa OSB Inc.

The company took the opportunity to present a new tool to support its citizen communication approach. In order to stay connected to the population and to keep stakeholders informed, a website has been launched. Citizens are invited to consult it to find out what’s new with the project, ask questions and find out about job opportunities.

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