Dear Patients

Dear Patients,

Tax time is coming quick.  You may be seeing ads on TV and the internet regarding Disability Tax Credits.  We want you to know that applying through private companies is not in your best interests nor is it necessary.  These companies will take a substantial portion of your credit if you are approved.

You MAY qualify if:

  • You have difficulties dressing, feeding yourself, other personal care activities
  • Are unable to walk
  • Not able to complete day to day tasks


  • All of the above.

If you feel you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, please call us to book a telephone appointment with your family doctor or regular provider to review the paperwork.

The Disability Tax Credit Application can be accessed online here:

If you require assistance to access your application, please let us know when you schedule your appointment.

The providers at the Wawa Family Health Team will not be charging an administrative fee to complete your application.

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