Dubreuilville Lions support École St-Joseph students

École St-Joseph (Dubreuilville) extends many thanks to the Dubreuilville Lions Club for its generous donation of $2,000 to be used towards the purchase of items for special needs, toys and games for recess or physical education or other accessories that can be used by the students.


“Due to distancing measures and the restriction of certain sports activities allowed during the pandemic, students are somewhat more limited as to what activities can be practiced. We want to diversify their options and help them continue to thrive, “explains Martin Bergeron, president of the Dubreuilville Lions Club.


“It’s our turn to spoil our grandchildren,” adds Doris St-Pierre, member of the Club.


The following are some of the items that will be offered to students through this donation: snow shovels, molds to cut blocks for the construction of snow forts, rubber bands keep the feet busy under the desks, as well as new basketball net that will be installed in the schoolyard in the spring.

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