Loius Kwissiwa seeks Chief’s Office of Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg

Netmizaagamig Nishnaabeg will go to the polls tomorrow, Saturday, November 27th, 2021.

Louis Kwissiwa, a community leader who has sat as a council member in his community for the past 8 years is seeking to become the next chief of his community.

Kwissiwa says, “the strength and unity among our people will be what I rely on as the elected Gemaa. Our time is now to be better, by doing better. These times we are in pose deep challenges and pressures on our community, but I see opportunity for great things for Nemizaaggamig Nishnaabeg.”

“We have the territory, the place where our Ancestors once felt complete and where they protected the pathway to get us here. This is sacred Land; it must continue to sustain our People and provide quality of life. The most important instruction from our Ancestors was always to protect the territory so that the next generation can enjoy their inherent rights and enjoy security and sustainability.”

Louis Kwissiwa also places a high focus on Health and Social policy that brings stability and pride to the community. He says that ‘Leadership Wellness’ will be an immediate priority he seeks direction on with community Elders, leadership peers, senior staff and family. “As leaders, we must be prepared to bring wellness to the next level in our communities. This means I will commit to moving forward with a Leadership Wellness Retreat where we take a week as Chief and Council look at the hard issues affecting our community, affecting our families, and affecting us as individuals. We must be well as leaders if we want to build strength and unity among the people – that’s a commitment that I will challenge our administration with.” adds Kwissiwa.

Becoming self-sufficient and addressing wealth creation is also a high priority in Louis’s platform. “We have been blessed to have former leaders who have set the stage for economic greatness – I thank them on behalf of the people. I will continue strengthening our wealth creation by focussing on a progression model that is based on our ChiNoknigewin. We will persevere, we will succeed to walk away from poverty with our heads held high, by asserting our rights to economic opportunities in our territory.” he concludes.
Kwissiwa says that elevating Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg governance and jurisdiction to the highest level of importance will be his focus in setting out the comprehensive milestones needed to address land protection, socio-economic challenges, health and social policy, human resource capacity, infrastructure needs, culture and language revitalization, and to a greater extent, advancing Nationhood.

His intention is to set out a 100-Days in Office Letter of Commitment providing details of his implementation plan to help guide Chief and Council and its Administration.

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