Rotary Club of Wawa Launches 2021 Wawa Rotary Online Auction!

Once again COVID-19 cancelled the traditional Wawa Rotary Radio Auction community fundraiser that was normally held in the spring. The Rotary Club of Wawa is holding it’s second Wawa Rotary Online Auction with bidding beginning on Monday, November 21st to Saturday, November 27, 11pm.  So now there are 6 days to get your bids in instead of just a few hours.  Registering to bid is easy, you just need your name, email address, phone number and a made-up password. No credit or debit cards are required. You will then get a confirmation email with a passcode which can then activate your PC or smartphone.


Businesses and individuals have been extremely generous donating goods and services which are listed in the online catalog complete with pictures. Companies donating sponsorships have been listed on the auction website – please check them out.


The catalog is open for viewing as soon as you register (clicking on one of the two images or the link at the bottom of the article will take you to the site), and bids can be placed once the auction starts. The ability to place bids will end automatically at 11 pm on the 27th.  Check the catalog often as items continue to be added!


click image to go to auction site.

You will get notifications on your pc or smartphone as soon as you are overbid on an item you are interested in.  And if you know the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item you can enter that figure but no-one else will be able to see it. Bidding will then proceed up to that amount but if it is overbid you will be notified so you can decide whether to go higher, or not. This proxy bidding means you don’t have to keep watching your items all week.


At the end of the auction you will get notifications if you were the winning bidder of any items and the total dollar amount.  Like the radio auction, credit and debit cards will not be taken, but items can be picked up and paid for by cash or cheque on Sunday, November 28th at the former BrokerLink office, 65 Broadway Avenue. Hours will be from 11 am to 3 pm. Unfortunately, shipping is not available so if you are out of town, please arrange to have a local person pick-up and pay for your items.


The funds raised by our very active Rotary Club get used for the many programs such as youth sports and activities, health programs, senior activities, leadership development in response to specific needs of our community.
Bid often, have fun!
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