CSC Nouvelon students set to celebrate Franco-Ontarian Day

All schools in Ontario’s 12 French-language school boards will unite on Friday, September 24, from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., to celebrate virtually once again (Encore ensemble) Franco-Ontarian Day.

Students from Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon schools will have the chance to participate virtually in this mega celebration and celebrate their belonging to the Franco-Ontarian community. The live broadcast will take place at and can be viewed until October 1.

For 90 minutes, the Studio l’Excentricité from La Cité College will become a large virtual stadium where Franco-Ontarian pride from across the province of Ontario will resound! An impressive collective of artists, comedians, singers, videographers, dancers and creators will guide the Franco-Ontarian festivities and showcase all regions of French Ontario! The detailed program is available at Students and staff from CSC Nouvelon elementary and secondary schools will have the chance to take part in Franco-Ontarian pride activities. Wearing green and white clothing, they will take part in this celebration of Franco-Ontarian vitality. Several schools will also hold a flag-raising ceremony while respecting social distancing measures.

The provincial Franco-Ontarian day, celebrated officially since 2010, will take place on September 25. The date marks the anniversary of the Franco-Ontarian flag, which was flown for the first time in Sudbury in 1975. CSC Nouvelon school students and staff take great pride in celebrating the flag’s 46th anniversary. The day of activities, while recognizing our Francophone and Catholic heritage, also promotes the excellence and dedication of our students and staff as they seek to widen their Francophone space and live their own culture to the full in the province of Ontario.

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