Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc. Shapes Plans for the Future

Nedaak is excited to share the news about the next step in their forest management journey.


Originally established to perform forest management services on the Kenogami Forest on behalf of the Crown, Nedaak has evolved over the past 9 years and was instrumental in the establishment of the eSFL (Enhanced Sustainable Forest License) company, Ogwiidachiwaning Sustainable Forest Management Inc., a not-for-profit First Nation and Industry partnership.


Established in 2012, Ne-Daa-Kii-Me-Naan Inc. (Nedaak) is a First Nation owned company, consisting of 7 First Nation communities in and around the Kenogami Forest which include Aroland, Long Lake #58, Ginoogaming, Constance Lake, Pays Plat, Red Rock Indian Band, and Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek First Nation.


Through the hard work of Nedaak at the eSFL table, and in the spirit of working together for the benefit of the Forest, its First Nation Communities, and local Industry, Nedaak will be an integral component to Ogwiidachiwaning.  The 2021-2031 Kenogami Forest Management Plan was completed and financed by Nedaak for implementation by Ogwiidachiwaning.


Nedaak looks forward to being a part this long-term arrangement and to the continued opportunity to enrich their member First Nation Communities by providing the quality forest management services they are known for, ensuring the sustainability of the forest for generations to come.

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