Changemakers – Creating livable communities

Changemakers – Creating livable communities in Northern Ontario is presented by the Northwest Business Centre, in partnership with NORDIK Institute and Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE).

This event explores two pathways to social change: unique ways two changemakers are intentionally making a significant difference by building relationships and networks to creatively increase engagement, resilience and liveability.

Roots to Harvest created a charitable non-profit organization in Thunder Bay in answer to the question: “How to support both youth employment and youth development?” They are using food as a tool to connect people to one another, and build belonging and dignity through meaningful programs, initiatives and advocacy.

Liz Anawati launched an incorporated sole proprietorship, The Nickel Refillery, a zero-waste storefront in Sudbury to shift the way people see buying their everyday products and to engage and mobilize circular economy thinking. The question driving her initiative is ‘What opportunities are there for environmental, economic and social interventions when thinking about zero waste?’.

Join us to learn more about their successful operations, the value they bring to each community, and their leadership in navigating uncertainty and the dynamics of social change. Among the topics covered will be the importance of situating people first; the long game one needs to play with funders; the concept of informative products in advocacy; the role of community spaces in social change; mentorship and coaching. Both women will deliver a short presentation, followed by a robust Q&A.

Sept 23, 2021. 7:30- 9 p.m. EST; 6:30 – 8 p.m. CST

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This workshop is part of the Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network project that supports women and gender non-binary people, typically underrepresented in business, to create and grow enterprises that embed social values into their business model, such as through cooperative, non-profit, as well as both for-profit and not-for-profit social enterprises.

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