DJ Seith and CONiKA Reunite With A New Live Performance at SSM’s 2021 Fringe North

After a few years off to work on solo projects, DJ Seith and emcee-vocalist CONiKA are back with a new musical routine.


The performance of a brand new song titled “Introspection” will debut at the 2021 Fringe North International Theatre Festival, happening August 19th to the 22nd.  This marks the first time the duo has performed live since 2017’s 10-year anniversary celebration of The Soo York City Urban Arts Collective.


Since then, CONiKA has been working on new material and live performance, while Seith has been creating and releasing music on cassette tape, such as his instrumental hip-hop album “Action Figures” and his current project; Seith’s Tape Club.


Seith:  “The performance of “Introspection” is an on-the-fly style recording, with a fly-on-the-wall approach to the presentation. I just called CONiKA up, floated the concept by her, and a couple days later she had most of the words down and out. We got together and she wrote the second verse as I was figuring out my patterns for the music, and then we just hit record and let it flow.”


CONiKA:  “When Seith reached out to propose the idea, it was an instant sense of joy, and relief followed by that delicious spark of creativity. As I often find, this concept, at this precise time, with this precise DJ, divinely aligned with life experience that needed to be released into music. With plenty of time in recent years to experience big changes, let alone a pandemic, I am demonstrating a portion of the new perspective gained with this track.”


Seith:  “Regardless who attends, we are still doin’ our thing. We’ve been in hibernate mode for a minute now, but if you do so oblige, maybe clap your hands and sway to it.  We’d be honored to have you join us.”


Seith and CONiKA’s “Introspections” premieres at the 2021 Fringe North International Theatre Festival alongside Eleanor Drury Children’s Theatre’s production of “On The Great Wind’s Back”, Avery McMillan and Lindrena Newbery’s one-act detective comedy “The Vinyl Problem”, PointeTango’s film “Tango in the Dark”, and much more.


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