École Saint-Joseph celebrates 2019-2020 grade 8 graduation class


While École Saint-Joseph (Wawa) hoped to host in June 2020 an in-person celebration in honour of the 2019-2020 grade 8 graduating class, students were honoured during a virtual celebration. Although the school hoped to host in September and December this celebration highlighting the excellence of the École Saint-Joseph grade 8 graduates, this

recognition event in honour of graduating students was finally held on March 23, 2021!


During a festive ceremony, fully respecting safety and health measures, graduates officially received their diploma and certificates of excellence. It was in a festive atmosphere that each student received a souvenir. Afterwards students were offered an individual lunch and decorated cupcake were served and many lively discussions followed.


École Saint-Joseph warmly congratulates the 2019-2020 grade 8 graduating students: Ethan Austin, Mark Berthiaume-Christensen, Joshua Black, Anjolie Bouchard, Alexander Burnham, Sébastian Chevrier, Danica Collis, Devin Forbes, River Gillespie, Jace Kienitz , Zachary Langlois-Ballance, William Lapierre, Izabelle Lévesque-Gagnon, Justin Overton-Blatenszky, Madison Piper-Chiccarelli, Mya Rilley and Evelyn Stewart!

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