April Fool’s Day tradition remain alive at École Saint-Joseph

2021 April Fool's
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For the past eight years, Ms. Lucille Vachon-Case, Principal at École Saint-Joseph (Wawa), has loved playing tricks on students and staff to mark April Fool’s Day.

Earlier on April 1, 2021, grade 6 students were particularly pampered by this tradition by receiving Ketchup and Mustard garnished Timbits, Pickled Jello and Oreo Cookies made with play dough.

This year, Mrs. Vachon-Case also offered a warm welcome to staff and students who washed their hands with corn syrup! Sticky reactions: laughter echoed throughout the school!

However, when Ms. Vachon-Case arrived at her office, a “big” April Fool’s Day awaited her. All the objects in her office had been placed in confinement and sealed in Saran Wrap! Ms. Vachon-Case still does not know who could have played such a trick on her and thus have the last word.

This is an April Fool’s Day tradition that will live on.

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