Positive leaders at ES Saint-Joseph!


As part of the Leadership – Recreational Activities course, École secondaire Saint-Joseph (Wawa) students, guided by their teacher Ms. Annette Lytwenko, studied various styles of leadership and how to integrate them into a recreational activity.


The group of Alexis Chapman, Emma-Jo Beach and Delaney Schumacher planned and implemented an obstacle course in the school. During their personal time, the students prepared the material and the unfolding of the race. Their goal was to demonstrate that it is possible to have fun during physical activity.


Alexis, Emma-Jo and Delaney divided students and staff into two teams and organized all elements with the safety of the participants in mind. They demonstrated three styles of leadership including that of coach, as well as direct and delegating leadership. According to Alexis, Delaney and Emma-Jo, the chosen music created a good atmosphere and encouraged athletic and less athletic people to participate! The activity was a huge success as participants had fun and expended a lot of energy! As a result, all agree that both teams are winners!

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