SJD says Thank You and Merry Christmas to Wawa Frontline Workers


On December 16th, the staff and students of SJD wanted to send out a BIG thank-you to all the frontline workers in Wawa. #sjdtreatsfrontline


Together, with a student silver collection and donations from the staff dress down fund and the ADSB Local Elementary Teacher Union (ADETFO), the Wawa frontline workers will receive a Tim Horton’s gift card. The frontline workers that are being recognized number over 200 individuals and include, the Lady Dunn Hospital staff, the Wawa Family Health Team, the Wawa paramedics, Algoma Public Health staff and nurses, members of the Wawa Volunteer Fire Department, Ontario Provincial Police, Wawa postal workers, Fenlon’s Pharmacy, Wawa Pharmacy and the employees of John’s Valumart.


The Wawa frontline workers have been doing an excellent job keeping our community safe. We appreciate all their hard work as well as the sacrifices they make every day during this Covid-19 pandemic. Along with the gift card, the frontline workers will be receiving a Christmas card made by a student at SJD.

So… on Dec 16th, 2020 your Timmies run is on us!

SJD is the Place To Be!
Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season to all of you!

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