Happenings at First United Church – Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

Although we cannot meet for Worship together you may like to read the Scriptures for 18 October 2020.
Exodus 33: 12-23       God speaks to Moses face to face as a friend..
Psalm 99                     God is a ruler who delights in justice.
1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10  We always give thanks to God for you.
Matthew 22: 1-10     Give to God the things that are God’s..
To Ponder: To whom do you give your trust?
                      What qualities make you trust someone?
                      What makes God trustworthy?
Gathering  Pentecost 2   2020  pg. 15 – used with permission
Lorna Chiupka, Kaireen Morrison & Maria Reid are preparing  Bulletins for Morning Worship each Sunday & deliver them. If you would like to be included please call 856-1518.
The U.C. W. requests that ALL items for the next THRIFT SHOP be saved at Home as we cannot enter the Church TO SORT.
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