Mamakwa calls on Ford to help evacuated families in Red Lake and Eabametoong

Sol Mamakwa, (Kiiwetinoong)

Kiiwetinoong NDP MPP Sol Mamakwa is calling on the Ford government to support families who have evacuated Red Lake and Eabametoong, after their communities declared a state of emergency due to the threat of fires.


“Families who have evacuated need to know if the provincial government plans to help them.


Right now families from Red Lake are scattered in different areas, they are filled with anxiety, and they are shouldering the costs.  People are paying hundreds of dollars for shelter, and have not been provided with any assurances that they will be getting that money back, adding even more burden on their shoulders.   

Some families who have evacuated have nothing at all, and the lodges and camps that are housing them are asking for donations of food and water.


Elders from Eabametoong need supports like translators and nurses to provide for their health care.

The Ford government must recognize the tremendous work and strain involved in this evacuation, and make sure that residents are supported in their efforts to keep their families safe from harm.  


There is no more time to delay.  The Ford government must act now to ensure that families get the help they need during this emergency, and that municipalities in the North are provided the resources they need during this time of crisis, and throughout the forest fire season.”

Ontario NDP