Thank You – From OSSTF Michipicoten High School

This has certainly been a strange school year.

Through most of this school year, teachers in Ontario were taking job action against the Provincial Government to protect student learning, which included some cold days on a strike line. It was just a short few months ago but seems like forever ago now.

As the OSSTF workplace representative at Michipicoten High School I wanted to offer a heart felt thank you to those of you who supported us either through your actions, words, or kindness. I especially wish to thank those who supported us on the line, with your time, companionship, and treats.





Michipicoten First Nation

The Circle K



The Crego Family

The Switzer Family

The Kusic Family

David Hall

Shelly Dupuis

Marc Gagnon

Luc Morton

Richard Watson

Heather Watson

Trevor Trembley

Julie Maki

Sue Johnson

Lorna Chiupka

Catherine Orr Sager

The students who joined us on the line and showed us such kindness!


Thank you,

Matt Larrett, OSSTF workplace representative at Michipicoten High School

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