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The Lion Queen

Today is the fifteenth day of the North Algoma Wellness Challenge. Some of yesterday’s submissions are in the gallery above. The Reenacment Challenge was won Maxime Dechamplain and her family with a great Lion King reenactment.

Today’s Challenge is another Game Night! Participants are asked to pullout their board games, card, puzzles or virtually play a gam with friends.

To participate in the North Algoma Wellness Challenge follow the steps below.

  1. Accept the challenge as posted.
  2. On FB go to the Wawa Walks FB where today’s challenge is, comment on that post with a picture of you or the people in your house completing the challenge. Please remember to post by 11:59 p.m. the day of the challenge.
  3. If you do not have Facebook, have a family or friend post the picture for you but make sure they include your name so that organizers know who you are or email [email protected] your picture and they will post it for you.


In order to get your creative juices flowing, here are the rest of the challenges and the winners.


Day Challenge Winner
27-Apr Monday 1 Keep Moving Jamie Brett
28-Apr Tuesday 2 Lip Sync Contest Ashley Dechamplain Baby Shark
29-Apr Wednesday 3 Old Fashioned Games Day Stewart Family decorating driveway
30-Apr Thursday 4 Craft Day Cheryl Tremplay Kitchen curtains
1-May Friday 5 Family Traditions! Jesse Dawn Cardboard cutout for grandparents
2-May Saturday 6 Outdoor Photo Contest Melanie Coe How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
3-May Sunday 7 Sports Day Laura Mitchell Puddle jumping
4-May Monday 8 Keep Moving Wendy Bonitzke Hiking – Pretty Big Hill
4-May Tuesday 9 Scavenger Hunt
Lora Doucette
6-May Wednesday 10 Homemade meal day
Geneviève L-Verreault
Quick & Easy Hamburger Casserole
7-May Thursday 11 Jam Session Barb Hunter
Ukulele, piano and this noisemaker.
Note the huge smile!
8-May Friday 12 Spa Day
Christine Rask
All natural products for our spa day.
Thanks Mirinda Patterson
for the wonderful products
9-May Saturday 13 Craft Day Megan Beland Winter Sleigh Storage & the platform to a new shed
10-May Sunday 14 Get Baking Nadine Cartledge Banana bread and peanut butter chocolate swirl mini loaves… for the special mamas in our lives!
11-May Monday 15 Keep Moving Diane Spencer
12-May Tuesday 16 Mindfulness Day Catherine Andrews
13-May Wednesday 17 Have a Picnic! Heather Watson-Crawford We took our favourite snack of broccoli outside while playing in the backyard all day! What a wonderful day to be in the sun.
14-May Thursday 18 Reenactment
15-May Friday 19 Games Night
16-May Saturday 20 Give Gratitude