Garbologist’s Report – In the Starter Blocks!

Every year about this time (actually, for the last 27 years), I sit in my proverbial starter blocks, ready to take on “SPRING CLEANING”.

NO, not in my house! I keep that up to date with the seasons. But our outdoors… this year although has a road block in the form of a virus.

You cannot see nor feel, and it is deadly as it is sneaky. One can have it, carry it around for two weeks, until it is full-blown and throws you to the edge of your grave.

Because of social distancing, three or four of us volunteers cannot possibly sit in a truck side by side or pick trash 6 feet apart. My effort therefore is limited to my daily dog walking and picking up what sloppy litterboxes lost.

Seeing a lot of people walking this spring.. could I make a kind suggestion and appeal to the communal pride of my fellow citizens? TO: wear old gloves, take a bag with you, and pick up what litters our surroundings. Let us show some pride, not all of us are ignorant and thoughtless or in need of a cleaning lady. The mess out there is immense, who will clean up our first-impression-doormat? Earth Day was April 22nd, and in honour of the place we live in, be kind and make a difference. Do your part.

From myself and my volunteers,

Thank you!

Karin Grundt
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  1. I just finished picking up the litter on the Harbour Rd. from Sandy Beach to the Government Dock Rd. The most popular beverage for people travelling on the road this winter was Molson Canadian beer – 17 cans and bottles!