From the Branch – April 29

At this time we are waiting for news every day about the threat which we face with COVID-19.

75 years ago, so did people in Holland; and just like today it was Canadians in the front line who faced the enemy face to face without regard of their own life. At this time in 1945 they were moving North from Zwolle towards Groningen. They got help from the free Polish army who took their right flank through Drente. They were still unaware of the difficulties that faced them ahead but kept slugging on.


At the Branch things are still the same even though at this time we usually get ready to remember VE Day on May 8th. In the Netherlands all festive events are cancelled, but silent remembrances for the fallen soldiers and civilians will take place. ALL Canadian veterans will be in our thoughts at this time while once again our soldiers are called upon to help with the battle against COVID-19.

This husband just finished reading a book “How to be the Boss in your House”.

So he walked into the living room and told his wife, “From now on, I am the boss here, and I insist on a 3 course dinner tonight with a nice dessert. I also want a nice bath where you will scrub my back and a massage. Then you will dry me and dress me for bed!”

“…and guess who will wash and dress me in the morning?”

So his wife answered, ”the Funeral Director!!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, the hospital or nursing homes you will be in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.

Nick Veldt
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