Andrea Horwath – International Women’s Day

“The last few years have been somewhat revolutionary for women. From the rise of movements like Metoo and Time’s Up, to millions of women taking part in Women’s Marches world-wide, women are united in fighting the forces that continue to keep us down.


Our strength lies in lifting each other up, and we cannot move forward without making sure we amplify the diverse voices among us.


Of course, our work is far from over. In Canada, women earn 87 cents for every dollar earned by men —a gap that is bigger for racialized women and those living with disabilities. There are still places in this country where women face barriers to accessing health care, including abortion. Women’s pain and health issues, especially for women of colour, continue to be overlooked and underfunded. And Trans women face disproportionate levels of violence and barriers to health services, including access to gender-affirming care and procedures.


So, we keep on fighting: to see all government policy viewed through a gender lens, and to see more women run for election, win and lead in the political realm. We fight for investments in women’s health care, including Trans women’s health care. We fight for pay equity, and for affordable, public and not-for-profit child care. And we fight for more funding to support victims of sexual assault and services for women and their children fleeing violence.


Let’s make 2020 a revolutionary year, and let’s keep fighting together for our mothers and grandmothers, for our daughter and granddaughters and for all women. Happy International Women’s Day!”

Andrea Horwath