Appointment of new Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer at the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon

Mr. André Bidal, Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon President, is proud to announce the nomination of Mr. Paul Henry to the position of Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer starting on January 1, 2020. Before taking up his new duties, he will serve as Associate Director of Education at the Conseil as of November 11, 2019.


Mr. Henry, who serves as Superintendent of Education at the CSC Nouvelon since April 1, 2019 possesses a rich and varied experience in teaching and school administration at the elementary and secondary levels in Ontario. Paul Henry began his career in education in 1990, and over the last 20 years has held the positions of school principal, learning consultant at the CSC Nouvelon and senior specialist in education at the Ontario Ministry of Education.


A mentor, facilitator and associate professor at a variety of educational and post-secondary institutions, Mr. Henry has also taught school principal qualification courses for the Association des directions et des directions adjointes des écoles franco-ontariennes (ADFO). Much appreciated for his contributions as a volunteer and commitment to his community, Mr. Henry has been conferred several honours including an outstanding commendation of the Order of St. Lazarus for ten years of loyal service and was appointed Knight of Justice of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. He has also received a commendation of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem and is also a Serving Member of the said Order. Furthermore, Mr. Henry is also a member of the Royal Canadian Legion as a Retired Major.


“Mr. Henry’s expertise is highly relevant, and we are thrilled to benefit from his wealth of knowledge,” stated CSC Nouvelon President Mr. André Bidal. “I am confident that Mr. Henry will build on the successes of his predecessor, Ms. Lyse-Anne Papineau, who, through her tireless work, has established a new standard of success for all French-language Catholic school boards in the province.


“In addition to his broad understanding of the realities of our schools and communities, Mr. Henry will benefit from his vast knowledge of learning programs pertaining to the elementary and secondary school curriculum. He is well positioned to contribute to the success of our students and strengthen our network of French-language Catholic schools,” explained CSC Nouvelon Director of Education Lyse-Anne Papineau.


The Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon offers a French-language Catholic Educational Program that is widely recognized for its excellence. The CSC Nouvelon provides a quality learning environment and academic program that runs from early childhood to adult education, with some 7,000 students enrolled in 27 elementary and 10 secondary schools.


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