Ford’s Mini-Budget Fails Northern Ontario

The Ford government introduced its mini-budget today and it fails northern Ontario charged Steven Del Duca, Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate.

Del Duca delivered his response to the Fall Economic Statement from Sudbury where he met with local Liberals and supporters.

“Ford is a bull in a china shop, his ministers are so distracted by his tweets, his outbursts and scattershot policy that they aren’t focused on the things that matter – and that’s meant northern Ontario has been ignored,” said Del Duca.

“We have tremendous potential in the North and what we need is action. That’s why I’m calling on the government to introduce a Northern Ontario Action Plan.”

The first part of Del Duca’s Northern Ontario Action Plan includes:

  • High speed internet access for northern & rural Ontario
  • More investment for roads and bridges
  • Better access to medical doctors in the north
  • Building capacity for autism services in the north
  • A full review of provincial agencies, boards, commissions and departments to see if any of their operations can be relocated to northern communities

Del Duca continues to meet with Northern Ontarians to discuss proposals for the North.

“Doug Ford has been busy settling old scores: meddling in Toronto city council elections, picking fights with unions and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. What we actually need is a new relationship between Queen’s Park and northern Ontario.”

“If we’re going to open a new office we should look to the north. The cost of housing is low, and quality of life is high. We should decentralize government when it makes sense.”

“What northern Ontario needs is a plan and a vision to make life better, to make it easier to start and expand businesses, and to make retiring in the north easier with more access to care. That’s what I’m focused on and those would be my priorities for the north as premier.”

“Northern Ontario has a critical role to play in Ontario’s future. We need to make it possible for young people to work, live and retire in northern communities. Northern Ontario is facing a shortage of skilled labour, doctors and nurses. The government has to act,” finished Del Duca.

The Ontario Liberal Party will hold a Northern debate in Sudbury on January 12, 2019. Del Duca continues to meet with northern Ontarians and will release his full Northern Platform before that date.

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