FAO report confirms Ford cuts mean 10,000 fewer teachers in classrooms

Ontario NDP Education Critic Marit Stiles issued the following statement in response to the Financial Accountability Officer’s report, Expenditure Estimates 2019-20: Ministry of Education.

“The FAO report confirms that Doug Ford’s cuts to education will mean 10, 000 fewer teachers in our classrooms. This will hurt students in every region of our province. Parents and educators are sounding alarm bells about the negative impact these cuts will have on our education system – damage that will only get worse as our population grows over time. It’s not too late for Doug Ford to do the right thing and reverse his deep cuts to education.”

Key findings from the report (https://www.fao-on.org/en/Blog/Publications/expenditure-estimates-education-2019)

  • Over the next four years, Ontario will see 10,054 teaching position disappear.
  • The growth rate of Ontario’s school-age population is expected to double and Ford’s funding levels will not keep pace.
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