Roof Repairs begin on Town Hall


A huge crane was observed behind the Municipal Town Hall this morning lifting materials to the roof.


Council received the report CS 2019-15 – Town Hall Roof Replacement at the Corporate Planning Meeting of August 13th, accepted it the same night at the Regular Council Meeting. Council awarded the quotation to Dynamic Roofing (SSM) for the Town Hall Roof in the amount of $180,302.75


Dynamic Roofing will install a Sarnafil (amechanically attached roofing system) consiting of 60Mil PVC membrane, two layers of 2” PolyIso Insulation, and a 10Mil Poly Vapour Barrier laid over the roof deck. This is expected to provide

  • Increased quality of service
  • Decreased maintenance time and costs
  • Increased life span of the Town Hall Roof
  • Increased safety and Environmental benefits i.e. reduce heat cost, reduce chance of leaking and damages caused by leaks.
  • Increase efficiency Heat due to replacement and additional insulation


Council and staff had reviewed Kresin Engineering report completed in 2015, and inspecting the roofs again in 2018. It was then decided to replace the roofs through the year 2019 as part of the capital budget.