Ontario NDP convention to launch Ontario’s Green New Democratic Deal

New Democrats from all over the province are meeting in Hamilton on the weekend, and among the topics they’ll discuss is a new plan being laid out by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath — a Green New Democratic Deal.

A policy and discussion paper for moving Ontario to net-zero emissions, while creating more than a million jobs and creating billions of dollars in economic activity, will be a centrepiece of the weekend’s provincial convention.

“Everyone deserves a good job in the economy of the future,” said Horwath. “And if we do this right, we’ll be able to transition to net-zero, and drive job creation and economic activity in the process.”

Horwath’s plan includes a jobs-training guarantee, a community support guarantee and an industry support guarantee, and features a plan for the largest building retrofit program in the world. It also lays the groundwork for discussion and feedback.

“No one should be afraid for their children’s future, or fearful about starting a family, because of uncertainty about about our planet’s future. No one should be forced to evacuate their home, year after year, because of rising floodwaters or raging wildfires,” said Horwath.

“Climate change is moving faster than expected, and we’ve run out of runway. Everything is at risk, and we need to act now. The next generation are the ones really fighting for their planet, and they deserve a government with a plan to beat the climate crisis.”

The Ontario NDP Convention runs June 14 to 16 at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

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