For the Health of It- Week 4

It’s hard to believe we are in the final week of the challenge. This week features the Poker Walk! The rules are below. Congrats to our winners from week 3: Paul Lesperance, Mary Lesperance, Jessica Aasmae, Rachel Robinson, Yes I Can, and Kathy Culhane.

The challenges for week 4 are:

Physical Activity: How many steps did you get each day this week? ·0-2500=1 point ·2501-5000=2 points  ·5001-7500=3 points  ·7501-10000=4 points  ·100001 or more=5 points  *Bonus point if your total steps this week are more than week 3.

Nutrition: Try a new healthy recipe. Look at for inspiration. Upload a picture of your meal to get your point.

Environment: While out and about clean up some garbage-every bit makes a difference!   ·1 bag=1 point   ·2 bags=2 points   ·3 bags=3 points

Mental Health: Did you take time to be grateful for something each day this week?

Fun: Poker Walk! 1 point for participating, and lots of prizes to be won!

Extra: Watch the video at this link for a grocery store tour and 1 point:     OR meet Jenelle, our Registered Dietitian at John’s Valu-Mart for an in person grocery store tour on Friday for 2 pts

Choose your own: Do something of your choice to benefit any part of your own health.   ·1 point

Have fun and give it your all during the last week. And participate in the Poker Walk!!!

Poker Walk Rules:

From Monday, May 20, 2019 – Sunday, May 26, 2019, the Poker Walk Challenge in Wawa will occur as part of the “For the Health of It”
Challenge. You can walk at your own pace and at whatever time you like to each of the 5 stops in any order you like during this week. There will be containers with cards clearly marked at each of these 5 stops:

  • Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre – inside the lobby
  • Mamweysing Clinic – 3 Maple St. under the covered entranceway in the middle of the building
  • Community Garden – Algoma Street next to C.A.S.
  • Lions’ Beach – under covered area
  • Wawa Public Library – under the covered entranceway

The cards will be coded during the poker walk. At the end of the challenge on May 29th, the codes will be revealed publicly. For example you may pick up a 3 of spades but it is decoded to be the ace of hearts.  Take note of the cards you had, so you will know what your decoded poker hand was.

Pick up a playing card from each stop. It is on your honour to take the first card that you select.

If you choose a card you already have, for example, if the 2 of diamonds is chosen at one stop and again at another stop, then select another card.

The cards will be marked as to which stop they were from and will be checked when handed in to ensure that 1 card from each place was picked up.

Hand in your 5 cards to Algoma Public Health at 18 Ganley Street by 4:30 pm on Monday, May 27th, 2019. The poker walk ends
May 27th, 2019 and the containers will be picked up that evening at
8 p.m.  Complete the Poker Walk Hand–in Sheet found in this handout and staple your cards to it. Be sure to include your name and phone number.  You can hand in your cards to Algoma Public Health before May 27th 2019 if you have all 5 cards.

There will be prizes given out the week of May 27th to the top 3 poker hands. See poker hand rankings.

If you have any questions you can contact Amanda Gauthier at (705) 856- 7208 ext. 6007.

Most of all, Have Fun!

The hand in sheets will be available at the Algoma Public Health office. We will staple your 5 cards to the sheets. Be sure to include your name and phone number.


Jenelle McAuley, RD, BScAHN

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