Clean Care Conversations – STOP! Clean Your Hands Day

The Lady Dunn Health Centre is proud to have participated in STOP! Clean Your Hands Day held on May 6, 2019. Along with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), we spread the word about the most effective way to prevent healthcare-acquired infections.  Every year 220,000 Canadian patients or approximately one in nine develop a hospital-acquired infection during their stay in the hospital, and an estimated 8,000 of those patients will lose their lives. The cost to treat hospital-acquired infection is estimated to be more than $100 million annually. The Lady Dunn Health Centre helped CPSI with its mission of providing extraordinary improvements in patient safety. This year’s theme for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day was Clean Care Conversations. We want to continue to encourage compassionate conversations, where healthcare providers, patients and families work hand in hand to create a clean care culture.

To celebrated STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, if a staff member or patient was observed practising proper hand hygiene they received a ballot to win 1 of 3 Tim Hortons gift cards. Congratulation to Isabelle Blais, Marcel Provost and Heather Wilson who won a Tim Hortons Gift card for practising proper hand hygiene on May 6th.

Thank you to everyone for making this day a success and for practising proper hand hygiene every day!


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