What a great season of skating it has been for our little club! Our skaters have progressed in both CanSkate, AdvanceSkate and StarSkate Programs, receiving ribbons, passing evaluations and tests. Many of our Star Skaters participated in The Lake Superior Super Series 8 Competition with wonderful results. In Star 3 Freeskate Nola Mulroney received a silver, Ella Stewart received a Bronze and Emma-Jo Beach received a Silver. For their team event they finished with a silver. Evie-Marie Beach competed in three events and finished 4th in Star 7 Elements, 11th in star 7 Freeskate and brought home a gold medal for Pre-Juvenile under 11. Delaney Schumacher finished 1st in Star 8 Freeskate.



The WFSC is proud to announce that Delaney Schumacher has qualified for the 2019 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships. Delaney has qualified for both Bronze Triathlon and Star 8 Women’s Freeskate categories. Triathlon, in figure skating, requires the skater to perform there different programs: Creative Skills, Interpretive and Freeskate. Provincial Championships are being held in Mississauga March 7-10. Live streaming of the event can be viewed from Skate Ontario’s website: Delaney has also recently passed her Gold Level Interpretive Test. Way to go Delaney! The WFSC is so proud of you!


Good luck to Nola Mulroney, Delaney Schumacher, Evie-Marie Beach and Kelsey Scott who will all be competition at The Thunder Bay Open March 1-3.


The season is almost done and we would like to thank The Rotary Club of Wawa for their continued support throughout the years. We would also like to thank our adult volunteers Danielle Poulin, Chantal Turcotte, Claire Egan and Barbara Hunter for their time on the ice with our skaters. A huge thank you also goes out to our amazing PA’s kelsey Scott, Raelynn Scott, Ella Stewart, Matthew Schumacher, Delaney Schumacher, Emma-Jo Beach and Evie-Marie Beach. Without you, we could never run our CanSkate program!


With much gratitude we also want to recognize our coaches, James Stewart and Kayley Kettles. Your encouragement and devotion to our skaters has pushed them to accomplish their goals this season.


The WFSC is also excited to announce the arrival of a future skater! Congratulations to Coach Kayley and her husband Scott East on the birth of their baby girl!


The last day for CanSkate is February 27th and the last day for StarSkate is March 28th.

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