What Happened at Council – February 19

Municipal Council held two meetings on February 19th, a council meeting and a policy committee meeting.

The first item on the Council Meeting was a presentation by Ms. Kadean Olgivie-Pinter, CEO of the Lady Dunn Health Centre. She gave an overview of the hospital, services and staffing for Council and the gallery.

During the Announcements – Mayor Rody thanked everyone for creating, participating and supporting the Wawa Winter Carnival.

On the Consent Agenda there were three items of interest, the appointment of two positions, and the new time for Council Meetings. Mr. Chris Buckell was appointed the Community Representative to the Police Services Board by Council resolution, and Ms. Cathy Cyr was appointed Acting Treasurer until Ms. O’Neill takes her position as CAO/Treasurer. The last item, is that Council and Committee Meetings will now be held at 6:30.

Mayor Ron Rody took time to explain to the new Council members about the Consent Agenda. “The items are placed on there, the idea is that it is stuff that we see on a regular basis. We know that it will be approved.”

In Staff Reports, the Reports from Infrastructure Services will be brought to the Corporate Planning Meeting and then back to the next Council Meeting (Annual and Summary Reports for 2018 – Wawa Drinking Water System, and the Annual Sewage Performance Report for 2018). January Monthly Reports were accepted from Alex Patterson and Cory Stainthorpe.

The following by-laws were read for the First, Second and Third Reading, and therefore passed.

  1. By-Law No. 3169-19 – to adopt Municipality of Wawa Policy No. HR-023: Pregnancy and/or Parental Leave for Council Members.
  2. By-Law No. 3170-19 – to adopt Municipality of Wawa Policy No. PE-011: Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation.
  3. By-Law No. 3172-19 – to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meetings held on the 7th day of February, 2019 and the 19th day of February, 2019.
    BL 3172-19 Proceeding Feb 7 & 19, 2019
  4.  By-Law No. 3173-19 – to adopt Municipality of Wawa Policy No. HR-017: Code of Conduct for Council and Board/Committee Appointees.
  5. By-Law No. 3174-19 – to adopt Municipality of Wawa Policy No. HR-024: Council Staff Relations.
  6. By-Law No. 3175-19 – to adopt Municipality of Wawa Policy No. HR-018: Integrity Commissioner Protocol.
  7. By-Law No. 3176-19 – to appoint a Clerk for the Municipality of Wawa. (Editor’s Note – the name of the Clerk was not known from the Agenda or the draft resolutions.

This meeting ended, and the Policy Committee Meeting began at 6:33 p.m.

The Policy Committee received Policy HR-002 Harassment and Violence in the Workplace. This policy was written with support of the Municipality’s Law Firm Wishart, and  also reviewed by the Ministry of Labour. It includes a new complaint form as well. The committee then went in Camera for two items:

Legal Issue (1 Item): Easement – security of the property of the municipality or local board (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) (a)

Legal Issue (1 Item): Integrity Commissioner – advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) f)).

Those two items were added as an Addendum after Wawa-news posted the agenda at 8:30 a.m.