NDP to Ford: Breaking the law isn’t a joke

On Tuesday, Doug Ford tried to smear Deputy Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Commissioner Brad Blair with a claim that Blair broke the law by voicing concerns he had with the conduct of Ford’s office, including the attempt to install Ford’s close friend and ally, Ron Taverner, as the province’s top cop. On Thursday, NDP Community Safety and Correctional Services critic Kevin Yarde asked the Ford government if they were acting on this serious accusation, or if Doug Ford was once again making things up.

“On Tuesday, Mr. Ford made the serious claim that Deputy OPP Commissioner Brad Blair – a decorated and respected public servant – broke the law,” said Yarde in question period on Thursday.

“If these allegations are serious, this government has a responsibility to act. If they’re not serious, the government has a responsibility to speak out and let Ontarians know that Doug Ford was making baseless smears about a decorated OPP commissioner.”

The Ford government refused to give a clear answer.

“There Doug Ford goes again,” Yarde added. “Mr. Ford and his government keep on making things up to suit themselves, and hurting Ontarians in the process.”

SOURCE – NDP Community Safety and Correctional Services critic Kevin Yarde

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