Horwath slams Ford plan to cut health care and services to pay for a corporate tax cut

“Doug Ford’s announcement today showed Ontarians exactly where his priorities lay — and it’s not with everyday families and working people. Over the next four years, Ford will cut $5.2 billion from health care and the other public services that families count on, and give that money to profitable corporations like his company in the form of another tax cut. After 15 years of Liberal rule in Ontario, our hospitals and our children’s schools simply cannot take any more cuts.


Ford will not address the 32,000-person wait list for long-term care, he will not fix the hospital overcrowding and hallway medicine crisis, and he will never repair crumbling schools or make sure that folks can afford their prescriptions or to go to the dentist.


It’s time to stop switching between Conservative cuts and Liberal cuts. Let’s stop settling for bad or worse. My plan is to ask the most profitable corporations to pay their fair share, with rates that are competitive with the combined corporate tax rates in neighbouring provinces and the Great Lake states.


It’s time to ask those at the very top to pay their fair share. It’s time for change for the better in Ontario.”

Andrea Horwath