Debbie wins Smart Thermostat In Wawa Thermostat Challenge

Apr 3, 2018 @ 18:01


The Wawa Thermostat Challenge called out to community members in Wawa to turn their thermostats down by 2 degrees for the period of March 4 – 24, 2018.

Over 40 households participated in the Wawa Thermostat Challenge and on March 24, 2018 Debbie Banks was selected from a random draw as the winner of a gift certificate for a smart thermostat equaling $200.00.

For each degree a thermostat is adjusted up or down for the season a family, school, or business can save 1% of the cost. More important, this action stops wasting energy and reduces greenhouse gas pollution.

You can make a difference by challenging yourself to make better choices on your own at home. For example, you can take the “Power Down Challenge.” When you have electronics that are not in use, unplug them or if they are plugged into a power bar – shut the power bar off. By doing this, you are not wasting energy on what is called phantom power. By challenging yourself to make these small changes in everyday life, you are making a difference in your energy consumption.

The Wawa Economic Development Corporation would like to thank all participants who took the pledge for the Wawa Thermostat Challenge. For more information on programs available that can help you to save energy and money, call Jessie Labonte, Green Project Coordinator, EDC of Wawa – 705-856-4419.

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