Patrick Brown Denies Allegations, as Key Staff Resign

Jan 24, 2018 @ 22:45

Major news sources are reporting that Tory Leader Patrick Brown has denied the sexual misconduct allegations that were made by two women. These allegations date back to his days as a federal member of Parliament.


Patrick Brown has made the following statement:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

A couple of hours ago, I learned of troubling allegations about my conduct and character. I’m here to address them.

First, I want to say: These allegations are false. Every one of them.

I will defend myself as hard as I can, with all the means at my disposal.

I can’t speculate on the motive of my accusers, I can only say that what they are saying is categorically untrue.

It’s never ok for anyone to feel they have been a victim of sexual harassment or feel threatened in any way. Let me make this clear.

A safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve.

We need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province — across the country. Everywhere.

I know that the court of public opinion moves fast. I have instructed my attorneys to ensure that these allegations are addressed where they should be: in a court of law.

In short, I reject these accusation in the strongest possible terms.”

Patrick Brown’s top aides have resigned, Andrew Boddington, Alykkan Velshi, and Dan Robertson. Their joint statement read:

“Earlier today, all three of us became aware of allegations about Patrick Brown. After speaking with him, our advise was that he should resign as PC Party Leader. He did not accept that advice.

Since our view is that this advice was in the best interest of the PC Party, we have therefore resigned our positions as, respectively, Campaign Manager, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Campaign Manager (Strategy).”

PC Party Press Secretary, Nick Bergamini has tweeted his resignation:

“This evening I learned of allegations against Patrick Brown. As a result, it is in the best interest of the PC Party that he step down immediately.

As he has chosen to follow a different route, I am resigning as the PC Party Press Secretary.”