What the North Needs is Hope!

Jul 12, 2017 @ 08:07

Over the past couple of months, Kathleen Wynne has made many promises to the populous of Ontario. Fast Trains, pharma care for the young, and rejuvenating a section of Toronto’s waterfront, are just a few of Wynne’s campaign favors. However, what Kathleen and her fellow party leaders don’t realize is they have failed to deliver hope to the people of the North.

What Northern Ontario desperately needs now, more than ever is hope. The youth of our first nations are committing suicide in record numbers. Drug overdoses of Opioids are occurring on our northern streets at higher rates than in southern Ontario (According to the data, northern Ontario has some of the highest rates of opioid related deaths in the province.) http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/opioid-deaths-safe-injections-1.4139281

Also being reported is that Homelessness is widespread throughout Northern and Rural Ontario.

( http://www.manitoulin.ca/2017/07/05/study-finds-homelessness-widespread-rural-northern-ontario/ )

Not only does the current Ontario government failed to address these issues up here in the North, people are forced to travel away from their support networks and head to the GTA to get the assistance they require. However, these issues are just symptoms of something much greater, called despair.

How do we fix this? The Northern Ontario Party feels we can fix some of these issues by investing in the North, not just by paving roads every summer, but by attracting businesses and industries to our areas. We can do this by lowering the cost of doing business in the North, offering tax breaks, providing cheap hydro and keeping the red tape to a minimum. The NOP feels the government must start advocating on the North’s behalf by telling potential investors, the benefits of doing business here in Northern Ontario. We have cheap land, we have a skilled labor market and there are plenty of transportation options to bring products to market.

This investment in the Northern Ontario economy could pay dividends for years; not just financially but socially as well. When economies are booming and people feel secure in their environments, they tend to turn toward more positive activities, They begin to feel hope and will actively fight to defend it. For too long, the North has been left to continue its downward spiral. The Northern Ontario Party was formed to fight against this negative trend. Trevor Holliday has stated, “ I will fight till my dying day to bring Northern Ontario back to prosperity, not just for myself but for my children and my grandchildren”.

If you’re from the North and are tired of seeing the Despair around you. Then come join the NOP and help us bring Hope back to the North. Check out our website, get involved with one of the many NOP Riding Associations across the North. You too could bring Hope back to the North!