Saturday Morning News – May 13

May 13, 2017 @ 07:42


Weather –¬†Mainly cloudy. A few showers beginning this afternoon. High 14.

News tidbits – Today is the day to go for a drive and enjoy a strawberry tea in Hawk Junction!

It was funny to read this morning about the bear in Scarborough. Police there are warning people to secure their garbage and compost because a large bear has been sighted. Not too sure what they are worried about – the bear will just go away if there is no food supply – right?

UPDATE – Sadly the bear was shot and killed by police. “A police official said the animal, which according to unconfirmed eyewitness reports was an adult black bear, was rummaging through backyards and at one point banged on the door of a residence. Police confirmed the bear was shot after animal control officials advised that they were not equipped to deal with the potentially dangerous situation. – The Toronto Star”


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