Red Cross – Wawa receives new Disaster Relief Trailer

Apr 17, 2017 @ 13:00

Dan Bruno, Barb Sutherland and Mary Cuicura are flanked by two volunteers from Red Cross – Sault Ste. Marie who delivered the new trailer to Wawa.

Members of Red Cross – Wawa Diaster Management Team received a brand new Disaster Relief Trailer holding all the basic supplies required to set up a 50-person temporary shelter. The trailer is stocked with 50 folding cots, blankets, pillows, comfort kits and a bin of supplies for Disaster Management volunteers. This pre-packed trailer is able to be moved to nearby communities if necessary.

The trailer can be used during winter storms when the highway is closed for several days, flooding/forest fire evacuation support, and would have certainly made the hosting of the stranded Greyhound bus passengers much easier this past winter.

In the past Wawa has hosted evacuees from Kaschechwan in May 2016, Kashechewan and Fort Albany in 2012 (flooding), Sandy Lake in 2012 (forest fire), to name a few.

The early spring has prompted a precautionary evacuation of 325 children, elderly and sick yesterday (April 16) from Kashechewan to Kapuskasing as ice breaks up north of the community along the Albany River. Another 200 is expected to be evacuated today. The community is expected to meet with representatives from both the Federal and Ontario government to discuss relocation to higher ground.